Russia - Electric locomotives and multiple units


A class ChS2T electric locomotive is a huge machine. They were a design by Škoda Works of Czechoslovakia, built 1971-99. The type is used by the Russian and Ukrainian state railways and the very similar ChS4 type also by the Belarus state railways. ChS2 is the DC current version and the same locomotive for AC power is ChS4. The basic design of the locomotive is already from the 1950s but the version in this picture was produced in Plzen at the V.I.Lenin plant of Škoda since 1971.
Picture from the Ladoga station in St. Petersburg 30.5.2017 by Markku Salo.


Two class EP1 electric locomotives in front of an express train. The model EP1 has been built in three series by the Nowotscherkassk locomotive factories since 1999. It is a six axle (three two axle bogies) machine for 25kV AC generating 4400 kW of power.
Picture from Habarovsk 8.7.2016 by Timo Varshukov.

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